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The ultimate goal of education is to be a doctor or an engineer or a technician in existing society. Though it is right, we have realized that the ultimate goal should be to become a good citizen. The current need of the nation is to lead the education for meaningful life and fully developed society. This fact has been ignored... more


We are living in a multicultural World
Wrapped in a 21st century skills framework, Pathshala is moving ahead with lots of challenges. As we all can perceive the world is growing increasingly diverse. Within and beyond border there are new issues of cultures and identity. Every child needs to be well-oriented that respect for another culture is respect for their culture indeed. They should be taught new skills at home and school. Every students need an intercultural critical education so that it will help them thrive in an internationalised world. School need to take specific steps to globalize classroom and strategies to encourage higher-order thinking.



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